Gateron Yellow Switches Vs Cherry MX Review 2022

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Gateron yellow switches have been around for a couple of years now. They’re an inexpensive alternative to Cherry MX switches with similar properties. They’re all produced in China, but you may not know that from the branding perspective – unlike C3 TKC Tangerine Switches there are no logos or markings on the Gateron switch housing. These low-profile linear switches sit lower than most Cherry MX switch alternatives, which means they take up less space and are thus preferable in compact keyboards (like the tenkeyless models that are so popular these days). In this article we’ll look at what makes Gateron Yellow switches different, how they compare to other options, and how to decide whether they’re right for your needs.

Gateron Yellow Switches

What’s the difference between Gateron Yellow Switches and Cherry MX switches

Answering this question fully would require us to discuss the technical details of both types of switches. In this article, we’ll simply discuss the most relevant differences that should inform your purchasing decision. Gateron Yellow switches use different materials and have a different design from Cherry MX switches (with a couple of exceptions). These differences are what lead to the different properties Gateron yellow switches have different variation while Cherry MX does not have. For starters, Gateron switches use an entirely different spring design. They provide about 40% less actuation force than Cherry MX switches, and they don’t have a tactile or auditory click.

These factors mean that Gateron switches are best when used in different scenarios than Cherry MX switches. In fact, you could even say that they’re different enough to warrant purchasing both types of switches for your keyboards. Other Features that are important to notice for Gateron Yellow Switch are the mount type is available in both Plate and PCB. Spring is made up of stainless steel and has normal sound.

Gateron yellow switch and Cherry MX

Differences between Gateron Yellow switches and Cherry MX based on user experience can be observed below

  Gateron Yellow Cherry MX
Cost Budget Friendly Expensive
Sound Quite Louder
Feel Smooth Scratchier
Variations Variety switches Less variety in switches
Availability Easily Available Easily Available
Actuation Force 50 ± 15 gf 45 ± 15 cN
Pre-Travel 2.0 ± 0.6 mm 2.0 ± 0.6 mm
Travel Distance 4.0 ± 0.6 mm 4.0 ± 0.4 mm
Behavior Linear CrossLinear
Suitable for Office/gaming Office/gaming
Comparison between Gateron yellow switch and Cherry MX


Gateron Yellow Switch


One of the most important things that a buyer must notice is that these switches are not factory-lubed. If you ever feel an issue in lubing your switches follow the guide that I have provided previously. Except Gateron KS-3 all the variations of the Gateron Yellow switch benefits from films. The table below shows different variations of the Gateron Yellow switches which are having different appearance yet their performance and specifications remain same except few features.

Variations Actuation Bottom-Out Pre-Travel Total Travel POM Colored (Opaque) Housing  Bottom
Gateron KS-3X47 55g 63.5g 2.00mm 4.00mm Yes Nylon/PC (Mily Colored) Nylon (Colored Opaque)
Gateron KS-3 55g 63.5g 2.00mm 4.00mm Yes Nylon (Colored Opqaue) Nylon (Colored Opaque)
Gateron KS-8 55g 63.5g 2.00mm 4.00mm Yes PC Transparent Nylon (Colored Opaque)
Gateron KS-3X1 55g 63.5g 2.00mm 4.00mm Yes Nylon/PC (Mily Colored) Nylon/PC (Mily Colored)
Gateron KS-9 55g 63.5g 2.00mm 4.00mm Yes PC Transparent Nylon (Colored Opaque)

How do Gateron Yellow Switches Feel?

Gateron Yellow switches have a low-force, linear design. This means they have the same feel as Cherry MX Blues, with a lighter actuation force and a completely smooth keystroke. Gateron Yellow switches are best for people who prefer a very light touch, since they don’t offer much tactile or auditory feedback. While some people find this feel ideal for gaming, others prefer a more responsive switch. There’s no tactile or auditory feedback when you press a Gateron switch, so you don’t know if you’ve pressed the key fully or not. This means you have to look at your fingers while typing–not a great idea when you’re playing a game! This is why they’re not ideal for typing.

Gateron Yellow Switch Ratings

Before you buy a new keyboard, you should research the type of switches it uses–if possible. This will let you know how the feel of the keyboard will differ from your current one. If you’re used to MX Blue switches, for example, then you’ll likely find Gateron Yellow switches feel a little weak. On the other hand, if you use MX Browns or Blacks, then Gateron Yellow will feel like it has no feedback whatsoever. Given the wide range of available Gateron switches, it’s not easy to find a general rating for them. We can tell you that Gateron Yellow is an entry-level switch, designed for those on a budget.

Gateron Yellow switch is rated on different aspects mentioned below:

Gateron Yellow Switches Push Feel and Actuation Force

Users look for best push feel and actuation force while choosing switches for their mechanical keyboards. Gateron switches have those qualities which a user usually seeks for.

The switches which are constructed with high quality plastic material known as Nylon PA66 along with stem, housing, bottom which are aligned well leading to enhance feel and touch to users as compared to previously launched Gateron red switches. There is a little bit difference between both but yes Gateron yellow switches have better feel than the red switches.

As mentioned above, the actuation force of Gateron Yellow switch is nearly 50 ± 15 gf as compared to Cheery MX Having actuation force of 45 ± 15 cN, the bottom-out having a standard stainless steel springs weight allows the users to have robust experience even during aggressive switch pressing approach while playing or typing.

The pre-travel distance and total travel distance allows the users to press the switch as fast they can and allows a free movement of fingers on switches while gaming or typing.

Gateron Yellow Switches Wobble

Talking about wobble of Gateron Yellow switches, they wobble little bit not that much on north-south side but not at all East-West. 

Gateron Yellow Switches Sound

The clack sound is actually not good, for me its kind of bit noisy if you have used other linear switches, the sound it makes is actually what i will not prefer for my keyboard. For a gamer or a typist, these kinds of clacking sound can be a headache. For typing jobs, i will prefer a bit quitter switches than the Gateron Yellow switch.

Which keycap sizes are available for Gateron Yellow Switches?

Gateron switches are available in the same keycap sizes as Cherry MX. This means you can use Gateron switches in any keyboard that supports MX switches. This shouldn’t affect the feel of the keyboard or the lifespan of the keycaps, but it’s something to keep in mind if you have an eye on a Gateron switch keyboard that comes with PBT keycaps.

Where to buy Gateron Yellow Switches

If you’re looking to buy a keyboard that comes with Gateron Yellow switches, you’ll want to do some searching to find the best options. The most popular sites to buy keyboards are Amazon and AliExpress, but neither of these sites will show you the switches the keyboard is equipped with. Fortunately, you can use Google to search for sites that sell Gateron switches, and you’ll find plenty.

Some of these includes, Divinikey,  KBDfans, Cannonkeys etc. The price rates offered on these sites $4.14 (18 set), $2.00 (10 pcs), and $16.10 (70 pcs) respectively. However, Gateron itself is selling it for $6.00 (12 switches).  Alternatively, you can search for Gateron keyboards and see which sites sell that specific model. If you’re buying switches individually, then you have far more options. You can buy them directly from Gateron or from one of the many resellers that stock their switches.

Reviews of Verified Buyers

Great switches however. I bought a 10 pack to fiddle around with and take apart with my kids while ordering supplies to lube and film my Glorious Panda’s. What we discovered was a nice, well built switch, clean and linear feeling even dry. Not too scratchy. I’ll likely be ordering 10 packs to have a full set on hand, and probably some other inexpensive switches to try. I’m thoroughly impressed with the packaging as well. Clean and organized. Great job.
Jonathan W.
The Gateron Milky top Yellow is a great switch. The feel and sound are so good just stock can’t wait for the switches to be restocked really want to lube these switches. 🙂


Gateron switches are an affordable and high-quality alternative to Cherry MX, and they’re available in a wide range of tactile and non-tactile options. They’re made in China, which makes them much cheaper than other switch brands. Gateron Yellow switches have a low-force, linear design with no tactile or auditory feedback. This means they’re best for people who prefer a very light touch, but not for those who want their finger to know when the key has been pressed. Gateron switches are best for people on a budget, and those who use their keyboard for gaming.

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