12 Best Linear Switches for Your Keyboard in 2023

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Are you tired of dealing with a dirty, jammed keyboard that slows down your typing speed? If so, you‘re not alone. Many people, especially freelancers and office workers, rely on their typing speed to get their work done quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, the best linear switches can make typing a breeze. With the right switches, you can type with ease and accuracy, freeing up your time to focus on more important tasks. So, if you want to improve your typing speed, invest in the best linear switches and make sure you‘re rendering the best help to others.

Are you looking for a reliable, linear switch to replace your nonlinear switches or control panels? Look no further than EverGlide EG Linear Switch! In this blog, you‘ll learn all about the topselling linear switches on the market and how they can help you upgrade your current setup. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to find out more!


12 Best Linear Switches Buying Guide

Should You Get the Best Linear Switches?

So there are many different types of good linear switches available. These switches are made from either a rubber dome or a spring-loaded mechanism. The best way to decide which switch to get is to think about your typing style and what you want from a keyboard husky linear switch or a thocky linear switch.

If you are looking for a quiet keyboard, use the rubber dome switches. Rubber dome switches are the best choice for people who like to type quickly and don’t want to hear their keys click. Rubber dome switches are very quiet and have an excellent clicky sound.

If you want a more durable keyboard, you should use the spring-loaded mechanism.

Best Linear Switches Comparison Table

Image Name Type Color
Best_Linear_Switch_Clickyboard Everglide EG Aqua King Water King Linear Switch Temperature Switch EG 62g Aqua King Switch
Akko-linear-Rose-Red Akko CS Switches Linear Rose Red
Novelkey_Kailh_Box_Switch_Cream Novelkey Kailh Box Switch Cream Travel Kailh BOX Cream Switch
Glorious_Lynx_Switch Glorious Lynx Switch Flexible Aqua blue
Best_Linear_Switch_Clickyboard EPOMAKER AKKO CS Custom Series Linear Silver Linear AKKO Silver
513rG8XL5ES. AC SL1500 Glorious Panda Switch Gaming Panda Un-lubed
Best_Linear_Switch_Clickyboard 10X Romer G Mechanical Keyboard Switches Gaming Black
Gateron KS-9 Mechanical Switches Gaming Gateron Black
51KheFMeO8L. AC SL1500
EPOMAKER Ajazz Diced Fruit Peach Switch
Tactile Ajazz Peach Switch
Best_Linear_Switch_Clickyboard TECSEE Carrot Switch PME Material Linear Keyboard Switches Gaming Carrot 70
51r4T9XO73L. SL1000 NovelKeys x Kailh Cream Switch Push Button Cream 
Best_Linear_Switch_Clickyboard ZugGear DUROCK Linear Switches Gaming L2 Smokey Teal 67g
51iiqZjTMOL. AC SL1500 Gateron patch switch 3pins keyboard Switch Ergonomic Yellow

Best Linear Switches Reviews

Everglide EG Linear Switch

If I talk about my experience, the Everglide EG Linear Switch is the best switch I have ever used. This is because of its ease of use and also its durability. It has a great feel and outstanding features. Everglide EG linear switch’s housing and stem material is poly-carbonated. It has a pre-travel of 2mm (±0.6 mm), and total travel of 4mm (± 0.3 mm). Spring made up of stainless steel and it is gold plated. Actuation force is 55 gf (± 10 gf) while operating force is 15 gf.   


The switch is a quality product that provides a comfortable, easy, and fast typing experience. It is made from durable plastic and is available in different colors. Comfortable in use and have an ergonomic shape. Although they are factory pre-lubed but lubing is inconsistent. It is recommended to lube these switches to have a better and smooth experience. 

Akko CS Switches; Best Linear Switch

The second one I have ever used is the Akko CS switch. They have some of the best specs and low price of any other switches on the market today. They also have a nice linear feel during typing, which is very pleasant. Rose red are 3-pin, have an actuation force of 43gf, 3.5mm total travel with a progressive spring, and pre-travel of 1.9mm. When bottoming out, these switches make a lighter but still distinct sound.

Rose red switches by Akko are amazing for gaming. They have an ideal weight, and comes fairly smooth right out of the box. They have a pleasant pop. The fact that they are 3 pin devices means you can put them on PCBs like the one on the GMMK TKL without having to cut the extra pins.

As the switches are said to be lighter than the radiant reds, and the force specifications appear to be fairly accurate. These might be useful for you if you type EXTREMELY lightly, but I wouldn’t use them for typing or programming. These are fantastic for games like Counter-Strike or MW, so I’ll keep them around for that reason.

Additionally, these acquired a really good sound signature after being lubed with 205g0. They sound incredible with a deeper pop.

Rose Red

This is an excellent choice for gamers and PC users.
It has a superb linear feel, significantly improving over the other best linear switches. When pressed, a great pop sound is produced by them. The switch is also rated for 60 million keystrokes and is available in various colors.

NovelKeys x Kailh Cream Switch

Among all the best linear switches I have also used Novel Keys X Kailh Cream. When they first came with the box, they were extremely scratchy. After lubing them they become case foam they become smooth and sounds amazing. These linear switches have a 4mm travel, 55g actuation force, 2 mm operating travel, and 70g bottom outlet. Pair these switches with poly-carbonated or aluminum otherwise they sound too loud on brass.   Best_Linear_Switch_Clickyboard

The switch is a quality product that provides a comfortable, easy, and fast typing and gaming experience. If your PCB can support mx switches than the NovelKeys x Kailh Cream are made for you. 

Glorious Lynx Switch for Mechanical Keyboards; Best Linear Switches

Best Linear Switches

The fourth switch that I have used is the glorious lynx switch. It is a smart switch and a good choice for mechanical keyboards with a great feel and sound. It is also durable and has various colors.
The switch is a quality product that provides a comfortable, easy, and fast typing experience. This is a comfortable and ergonomic shape and is made from durable plastic.



A prevalent and excellent choice for gamers and PC enthusiasts. In contrast to the above switches, this switch is made from polycarbonate material, making it very durable.
It has a superb tactile feel, which significantly improves over other switches. It has a great sound on pressing. These are rated for 60 million keystrokes.

Glorious Panda 3-pin Switches for Mechanical Keyboards

A prevalent switch and an excellent choice for mechanical keyboards with a great feel and sound.
This quality product provides a comfortable, easy, and fast typing experience. It is made from durable plastic in different colors. I found them a comfortable and ergonomic shape made from durable plastic.

Best Linear Switches

I feel they are tremendous and have a very comfortable design. This is an excellent tactile feel and a great sound when pressed.

10X Romer G Mechanical Keyboard switches

They are a high-quality product that provides a comfortable, easy, and fast typing experience are the Best Linear Switches. Durable plastic is used and available in different colors. It has a comfortable and ergonomic shape with durable plastic.
I have a G910 keyboard, and these match the switches on my keyboard fine and will fit. I also purchased the corresponding puller. This is not a simple pull the old one and pops in the new one.


You have to remove the keyboard, loosen the solder on the switch you intend to replace, pull it, place the new switch, and solder it back. If you are uncomfortable doing this, this is not for you.
It would sometimes not register when pushing it, and then when it did note, it would keep spamming “7” even when not holding it down. So the Best Linear Switches was unusable even after taking out the key and trying to clean it. I almost threw it out and bought a new keyboard.
I saw a video tutorial on how to replace the key switches, so I bought these switches to experiment. Everything went smoothly, though the keyboard is working like new again.

Gateron KS-9 Mechanical Switches

These linear switches are very smooth and quiet and have an excellent clicky sound. They are made of high-quality plastic, and they feel solid. It has an operating force of 50 gf, pre-travel 2.0 mm which makes it the best choice for those who play games and needs continuous yet speedy strokes on keys. They have a travel distance of about 4mm but can be used for both typing and gaming. 
The Gateron linear switches worked perfectly and were precisely what I was hoping for. The switching of Gateron browns and wanted a smoother experience with less tactility.


I use these in my GMMK full-sized keyboard, which is my first build. I researched about the best linear switches. There were some bent some pins, but the guides I followed said to unbend them gently, and they fit perfectly. My one button that couldn’t do and cant be fixed by cutting those off, but all in all, these are good.

EPOMAKER Ajazz Diced Fruit Peach Switch for Mechanical Keyboard

The Ajazz Diced Fruit Peach with a beautiful peach finish and a fantastic clicky feel. It has a great tactile response but is still silent and comfortable to type on. This switch is designed to be used in a Cherry MX Blue keyboard and is compatible with most Cherry MX Blue switches. They have a bottom force of 45 gf, total travel 3.8mm while pre-travel 2.0 mm.  


In addition, it has an excellent clicky sound and a friendly tactile response. The only downside to this switch is that it is not as durable as the Cherry MX Blue switches, but it is still very durable and will last a long time.
The switch is straightforward to install and is very easy to use. The installation is a snap, and the instructions are clear. Other variations of Epomake Ajazz Diced linear switches include blueberry linear switch, banana switch and kiwi switch. 

TECSEE Carrot Switch PME Material Linear Keyboard Switches

These switches are a bit smaller than the Cherry MX Brown switches, but they are still pretty big. They have an excellent clicky sound and are reasonably quiet. The best thing about this switch is that it is the most durable switch I’ve ever used. I have been using this switch for a year, and it is still going strong.


The only problem with this switch is that the guide is a little hard to follow. The manual says to remove the plastic cover and then the plate, but I didn’t realize I needed to do that until I was halfway done. Conversely, I had to remove the plate and then the plastic cover.
I also tried to get a picture of the switch in action, but it doesn’t work because the button is too small.

ZugGear DUROCK Linear Switches

Durock linear switches have a smooth POM stem, key switch is transparent which clearly shows the lower housing is made with polymer Nylon and a creamy Yellow stem. It has a 4mm travel, 55g Bottom out, 2mm operating, and can have 50 million operations. These are factory-pre-lubed switches.


The packaging of the product delivered by the brand is amazing. Switches come in small boxes with a zip-lock bag that holds the switches and avoids any crooked pins. Although they are factory pre-lubed but lubing a little bit with Krytox 205g0 can make them frictionless and smoother.

Gateron Patch Switch Keyboard

These switches are enormous and very sturdy. They are similar to the Cherry MX Black switches but have a much softer feel. The best thing about these switches is that they are incredibly durable. I have been using these switches for over 2 years, and they are still going strong.
The only downside to these switches is that they are a little louder than the Cherry MX Black switches, but they are still quiet. These switches have an actuation force of 50 gf, total travel 4mm, pretravel 2 mm and 3-pin structure. 

  • Sounds very satisfying
  • Smooth like butter
  • Resistance


In case, I have covered all the main types of available best linear switches. I have also provided some information on where to buy them. These are our top recommendations for the top linear switches. The switches listed above are excellent selections, and you won’t choose to make a mistake by choosing any of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are linear switches?
.A linear switch is just a straight line. These switches are usually made from a rubber dome or a spring-loaded mechanism.
Where Can I buy Linear switches?
.You can buy linear switches from online retailers such as Amazon, Newegg, TigerDirect, and from the brand websites of above mentioned switches.
What are the advantages of a linear switches?
.Linear switches are durable and will last a long time.


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