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Blue Switches are good for gaming or typing?

Are Blue Switches Good For Gaming?

Are blue switches good for gaming? It’s a question about blue switches that many people in the gaming community have pondered. From their audible click to their tactile feedback, blue switches have become a popular choice among gamers. Whether you’re a competitive e-sports enthusiast or a casual gamer, you may be wondering if blue switch

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10 Amazing Akko Linear Switches: A Complete Guide

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable key switch? Look no further than Akko linear switches! These switches are designed to provide a smooth and consistent typing experience, while also being incredibly affordable. With Akko linear switches, you can trust that your keyboard will last for years to come. Akko linear switches are the

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Gateron Yellow Switches Vs Cherry MX Review 2022

Gateron yellow switches have been around for a couple of years now. They’re an inexpensive alternative to Cherry MX switches with similar properties. They’re all produced in China, but you may not know that from the branding perspective – unlike C3 TKC Tangerine Switches there are no logos or markings on the Gateron switch housing.

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