Gateron Yellow Switches Guide: The Ultimate Guide to all variants of Gateron Yellow Switches

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Mechanical keyboards have become a staple for typists, gamers, and professionals who demand a responsive, satisfying, and customizable typing experience. In the world of mechanical keyboards, Gateron Yellow switches guide have long been a popular choice for enthusiasts seeking smooth and affordable linear switches. With a variety of Gateron Yellow switches available on the market, it’s essential to identify which one is the best for your needs. In this review, we’ll be comparing several Gateron Yellow switches and ultimately recommending the best budget linear switch.

Features of Gateron Yellow Switches

Linear Switches

Gateron Yellow switches are linear switches, which means that they do not have a tactile bump or audible click during actuation. This provides a smooth, uninterrupted typing experience, making them ideal for typists who prefer a consistent keypress without distractions.

Actuation Force

The actuation force of Gateron Yellow switches is 50 grams, which is lighter than the 60 grams of the popular Cherry MX Black switches. This lighter actuation force reduces finger fatigue during extended typing sessions, while still offering enough resistance to prevent accidental keypresses.


Gateron switches are known for their durability, with a lifespan of up to 50 million keypresses. This makes them a reliable choice for long-term use and ensures that your investment in a Gateron Yellow-equipped keyboard will stand the test of time.


Gateron Yellow switches are compatible with most mechanical keyboard designs that utilize the Cherry MX-style mounting system. This makes it easy to find a keyboard that suits your preferences or even customize your existing keyboard by swapping out the switches.


One of the main attractions of Gateron Yellow switches is their affordability. They are generally cheaper than their Cherry MX counterparts, making them an appealing option for budget-conscious users who still want a high-quality typing experience.

Gateron Yellow Switches Guide & Switch Variants Tested:

  • Original Gateron Yellow (black housing, clear top)
  • Gateron Cap Yellow (milky and gold)
  • Gateron KS3 Yellow
  • Gateron G Pro Yellow (clear top and milky top)

Comparison and Results

After testing various Gateron Yellow switches, the Gateron G Pro Yellow emerged as the clear winner. This switch boasts a different stem design than its predecessors, making it significantly smoother than older Gateron Yellow switches. The Gateron G Pro Yellow features a tight housing, eliminating the need for films, and comes pre-lubed with a surprisingly good factory lube job.

The Gateron G Pro Yellow is available in two variants: clear top and milky top. While both are excellent choices, the clear top is the recommended option due to its superior sound and better factory lube job. If you choose the milky top variant, you might need to apply additional 205 grade zero lube to improve the sound and feel.

Other switches like the Gateron Cap Yellow and Gateron KS3 Yellow were decent contenders, but they couldn’t outperform the Gateron G Pro Yellow. The original Gateron Yellow with black housing and clear top falls far behind the G Pro version, making it an inferior choice in terms of smoothness and sound.

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Availability and Pricing:

The Gateron G Pro Yellow switches are available for purchase at an affordable price of $2.50 for a pack of 10 switches. You can find these switches on sites like KC Keys and Prevail Key Company.

However, some quick links to amazon are listed below:


When it comes to Gateron Yellow switches, the Gateron G Pro Yellow with a clear top is the undisputed winner. Offering an unparalleled combination of smoothness, sound, and affordability, these switches are perfect for anyone looking to build or upgrade their mechanical keyboard. Save yourself time, money, and frustration by choosing the Gateron G Pro Yellow switches for your next keyboard project. Gateron Yellow switches have emerged as a popular choice for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts who appreciate a smooth, linear typing experience without breaking the bank. With their unique combination of features, affordability, and compatibility, it’s no wonder that these switches have gained a dedicated following. Whether you’re a gamer, a typist, or a professional looking to enhance your workspace, Gateron Yellow switches are well worth considering for your next mechanical keyboard or switch upgrade.



Are Gateron Yellow switches good for gaming?
Yes, Gateron Yellow switches are suitable for gaming due to their smooth linear action and relatively light actuation force. The consistent keypress allows for quick, precise movements and rapid actuation, which can be advantageous in fast-paced gaming scenarios. However, the optimal switch for gaming largely depends on personal preference, so it is important to try out different switches to determine what works best for you.
Are Gateron Yellow switches good for typing?
Gateron Yellow switches can provide an enjoyable typing experience for those who prefer a smooth, linear keypress without tactile feedback or audible clicks. The lighter actuation force can help reduce finger fatigue during extended typing sessions. However, some typists might prefer tactile switches, like Gateron Brown or Cherry MX Blue, to have a more distinct feedback on key actuation.
How do Gateron Yellow switches compare to Cherry MX Speed Silver switches?
Cherry MX Speed Silver switches are linear switches with a shorter actuation distance (1.2mm) compared to Gateron Yellow switches (2mm). This shorter distance allows for faster keypresses, making them appealing to gamers and typists who prioritize speed. However, Gateron Yellow switches are considered smoother and more affordable than Cherry MX Speed Silver switches, making them an attractive alternative for those looking for a more budget-friendly linear switch option.
Can I replace the switches on my mechanical keyboard with Gateron Yellow switches?
In most cases, you can replace the switches on your mechanical keyboard with Gateron Yellow switches, as long as your keyboard uses the Cherry MX-style mounting system. It’s important to note that some keyboards may have soldered switches, which will require desoldering and soldering skills to replace. Other keyboards with hot-swappable sockets allow for easy switch replacement without soldering.
Where can I buy Gateron Yellow switches?
Gateron Yellow switches can be purchased from a variety of online retailers, including Amazon, mechanical keyboard specialty stores, and websites dedicated to custom keyboard parts. In some cases, you may also find them available at local electronics or gaming stores that carry mechanical keyboards and accessories.


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