Expert Review on C3 Tangerine Switches V2 [2022]

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C³ Tangerine switches are considered the most demanded switch type among gamers and frequent keyboard users due to their unique features. There are numerous articles available online that might tell you what tangerine switches are and how you can install them, utilize them, lube them, and so on. In this article, I’ll cover the flagship switch by which has gained some serious buyers over the past few years. Let’s have a look at the different versions of tangerine switches and how they have evolved and improved over the years.

Versions of Tangerine Switches

Tangerine Switch Version Features Seller Market
C3 Tangerine V1 Had Black Bottoms
Iconic orange stems
Weights nearly 67g
Had clear tops
Gateron China
C3 Tangerine V1.5 Had Black Bottoms
Iconic orange stems
Weights nearly 67g
Had clear tops
milky bottomed with 62g spring
Gateron China, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, UK and Switzerland
C3 Tangerine V2 switches Opaque Orange House
Had green stem instead of orange
Weights nearly 67g
Had clear tops
milky bottomed with 62g spring
Gateron China, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and Switzerland
Equalz C3 Tangerine switche V2s Translucent
Linear MX Switch with PCB mount
UHMWPE housing
The dark Green stem is 67g gold spring. Light Green stem is 62g gold spring.
Designed by C³ and made by JWK Worldwide

Equalz C3 Tangerine Switches

Defect in Equalz C3 Tangerine Switch V2

There was hype at the beginning of 2021 that the Equalz x tkc Tangerine switches had some problems. TheKey. company is responsible for selling TKC tangerine switches and had a good collaboration and partnership with the C³ Equalz and JWK.

These Equalz C³ Tangerine switches have been trading since the beginning of 2020. However, the company faced an immense problem at the beginning of April 2021 when the customers started to seek a refund for faulty and damaged switches. The internal investigation led by TKC shows that the number of tickets they received for defects crossed their bounce rate. They immediately asked their partners to look into the problem.

The internal investigation determined that the mold that was responsible for the creation of holes in the bottom housing had a loose component causing a fault in the manufacturing of the Equalz C³ Tangerine switches. This ultimately leads to the clicking or wobbling issue experienced by the customers. Upon determining the issues, the company determined the batch with the faulty switches and tracked all the customers who had bought switches from that particular batch. As a result, all the customers were sent an email to recall their faulty switches and replace them with fresh and functional ones.

It reflects that the company wanted to maintain the quality of its product, bear the losses, and take responsibility completely. They have recently had tangerine switches restock, so that customers can have access to their best linear switches.

Since we are completely aware that rather than gaining profits by selling faulty products TKC focuses on the quality of product and the satisfaction of customers, let’s discuss the C³ Tangerine Switch in detail.

Tangerine Switches

Equalz Tangerine V2 Switches

The C³ Equalz Tangerine V2 switches are so far the best switches in the market and are competing against the most known brand Alpacas so far. The process of continuous improvement among both competitors has led to a better user experience. Unlike PrimeKB’s Silent Alpaca’s Linear switches which are black in color, C³ Equalz Tangerine switches by JWK are available in two different colors. One is light green tangerine switches stem while the another is having dark green tangerine switches stem weighting 67g and 62g variants respectively.

According to the TKC page, the specification of the tangerine switches shows that they are pre-lubed by the factory and the lubed application is light. Furthermore, the primary material which has been utilized in the housing is UHMWPE.


Both the Tangerine V2 switches have different stem colors (light green tangerine switch and dark green tangerine switch) but have a bright orange and translucent housing. These orange houses while having the TKC picture on them are pretty much magnificent and the opacity of the light orange color adds more to its beauty. The color shades of stems emerging under the stems with two different yet attractive colors choice resemble a lot with orange having a green stem.

From my view, these orange tangerine switches resemble fresh orange with a green stem on them. These orange opaque housing having a TKC picture with green stems becomes their brand identity and is considered a better choice in terms of colors and switches as compared to other known brands.


Sound Profile

One of the important things which a user looks at in its switches is the sound profile. When choosing the best mechanical keyboard switches, the sound profile is of significant importance for the customer. The sound of the switches should be satisfying and pleasing to the customer that it does not disturb them while working and does not divert their concentration while using keyboards.

Most users, change their keyboard switches based on their sound profile. It usually happens from poor lubing of stems and springs. Without sound issues, Tangerine switches v2 are damn good to use because they have a soft plastic sound when the switches are stroked. The plastic sounds smooth linear, elegant, and peaceful for both typists and gamers.

I remember from my childhood when there were not many options for dealing with screeching sounds or a faulty spring of keyboard switches, we usually open the keyboard’s keycaps and lube them to avoid any issues. However, the present advancement and betterment in the keyboard have provided a different yet enhanced level of experience for keyboard users.

Push Fee

Tangerine switches V2 are superb. Honestly, if anything was I supposed to write as the first paragraph for JWK’s second line of switches that were produced independently and under its own brand? For the exact same premise that I do with these switches, just like ThicThock’s Marshmallow switches, which have been the first to receive an independent factory line and branding from JWK. From what I’m able to tell, both Tangerine V2s are wonderfully linear straight out of the box and have almost no scratches.

Simply stating that the factory lubing for these items is fantastic. The linear springs in these switches are excellent since they feel consistent and even for both versions throughout the whole stroke and have no light-weighted front end at all, in addition to the very smooth stroke. The only thing that I have noticed so far while using the products by JWK, is that they are improving their factory lubing and have brought their tangerine switches to the next level.


These switches’ wobble is of exceptionally excellent quality, similar to all of the boxes we’ve investigated so far in the review. In a full cap build, I would anticipate that the North-south direction wobble would be small and that there would be almost no wobble in the East-West direction. Without a certain, C³ invested a significant amount of effort working on the standards for the top housing molds for these components because this movement, or lack thereof, is not a coincidence.


My final words about the tangerine switch V2 are that they are spectacular in appearance, functionality, and specs. I am certain that they are selling enough among people who love to customize their keyboards. The TKC’s themes based on different ideas like Caramel, Sweet and fruity flavors are just something different yet interesting as compared to other tangerine switch manufacturers.

Since, I love sweets, having keyboards with switches having tangerine, Laffey Taffy, and snickers themes will definitely create an interesting environment for me to work on. It is like having a change in the accessories that we use on regular basis. Having a smaller change in our surroundings keeps every human on its track. That’s what works for me.

In my opinion, the new feature of opaque housing with a tangerine color having a colored stem will become loved worldwide. These are affordable, of top-notch quality, and attractive in appearance making them more demanding. If you just go through the entire collection of TKC they are colorful and reflect energy, softness, and smoothness. I wonder if other known brands like Gateron and Alpaca will be able to compete in this regard with TKC and increase their customers or not?

I am 100% sure that TKC will be able to get the attention of much more market capital than other competitors by improving its products, bringing customized and attractive color collections, and expanding product lines. It can only be possible when they will utilize the same technique in improving product functionality along with its appearance for other computer accessories.


Where to Buy Tangerine Switches?
If you want to buy Tangerine switches in bulk from quality brands, you can check the websites of brands like TKC, Alpacas, Gateron, Cherry MX, Roccat, Outemu, etc. However, if you want to buy from big markets places you can explore tangerine switches on Amazon, and tangerine switches on Aliexpress.
Are Tangerine Switches good for gaming?
Yes, tangerine switches are good for gaming because they have an actuation force of 62gm, which enables gamers to fast finger movement without creating any error during gaming or pressing keycaps repeatedly.
How much are Tangerine switches?
It depends on the brand from which you are buying. However, from minimum to maximum the keycap price range between $7- $450 or it can be high depending on the brand, the number of keycaps provided, and its features.
Are Tangerine Switches Lubed?
Yes, they are factory lubed but the application is very light. So, in case you are buying pre-lubed switches you have to lube them again in 1-2 years. If you want to know how to lube the switches properly check out another article that I have recently published.
Are Tangerine switches linear?
Yes, tangerine switches are linear, used normally in mechanical keyboards.


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