How to Lube Switches Without Desoldering? Easy Lubing Keyboard Switches; Complete Guide [2022]

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How to lube switches for Mechanical keyboard enthusiasts spend a lot of time trying to make their mechanical keyboards perform at their best. Some people are also doing things in order to increase the life span of the mechanical keyboard. If you’re one of them, then this post is just for you. We’ll talk about the way you can improve the performance of your mechanical Keyboard.

We are going to show you how to lube switches for your Keyboard using the traditional lube method. In this article, you will also get to know about some of the best lube for keyboard switches  If you want to use a hot-swappable PCB in your mechanical keyboard, you may need a special tool called a “switch puller” to open the switch. The switch puller is basically a small flathead screwdriver that can easily open the internal switch without damaging the solder joints.

How to Lube Switches

Ways How to Lube Switches?

  • Lubricating the switch with a brush
  • Lubricating the switch with Spray Lube
  • Lubricating the switch by dripping lubricating oil


Lubricating the Switch with a Brush

How to Lube Switches with the brush? for cleaning the switches with an electric toothbrush. It is the best alternative to the use of toothpicks because the brush allows you to clean easily, quickly, and efficiently all the surfaces of the switch. Lubricating the switch using a brush is the easiest and cheapest way.

You only need to press the stem switch while using a plastic rod or tweezers then apply the lubricant using a brush to the switch. By doing so, you will get your desired results without buying any tools. However, if you are not sure that things easily available at home will not help you in lubing switches, then continue to read the post to get more information. 

Lubricating the Switch with Spray Lube

The best way to keep your switch in top condition is to keep it clean. Regular use of a lubing product like this can help to keep the contacts free of oxidation, wear and tear. A simple spray onto the switch will do the trick. This is the newest method of lubricating switches without requiring you to remove the switch from the PCB or de soldering the switch. This only requires a Super Lube Multi Purpose Synthetic Lubricant product that is equipped in the form of a spray.

Tools Needed To Lubricate The Switch; How to Lube Switches

  • Keycap Puller
  • Switch Lubricant
  • Tissue or Wipe
  • Plastic rod or Tweezers
  • Gloves

Step By Step Guide to Lubricate The Switch

Step 1: Open All The Mechanical Keycaps Of Your Keyboard Attached To The Stem Switch

The Ultimate Keycaps Puller is the ultimate keycap tool for How to Lube Switches for all kind of mechanical keyboards. This is a very easy step, unlock all the mechanical keycaps of your mechanical keyboard with the right tool. A compact multi-functional tool that includes the essential tools for any home or office, including nail clippers, bottle opener, corkscrew, screwdriver, Philips head screwdriver, and flat blade screwdriver.

It’s crafted from high-quality ABS plastic and features a rubberized grip, so you can feel confident in handling it. Based on our research it is recommended that you open the keycaps using a keycaps puller made of aluminum because it is safer than using a keycaps puller made of plastic which will leave scratches on your keycap and will definitely ruin the beauty of your keyboard.

keycap puller

Product description: With this clever little gadget, you can get rid of those pesky loose keys on your keyboard! This handy device can be used on any keyboard. It is a must-have for any geek who owns a computer. A keycaps puller is made of aluminum which is safer than plastic ones. It does not leave scratches on your keycap, it’s very easy to use and is recommended. The magic wand keycap removal tool shown in the picture is made up of high-quality material, which is more flexible, easy to use and thin enough letting it to pass through the spaces between the keys.

Step 2: Prepare Your Lubricant for Lubing Switches

The best lube for keyboard switches is TriboSys KSL which is a spray lubricant used in lubing switches of keyboards to improve the performance by providing smoothness, unmatched lubricity and pinpoint application in a spray format. Utilizing Krytox™ GPL 105 and the proprietary plastic and rubber safe carrier fluid, TriboSys 105 is specifically manufactured for mechanical keyboard applicators which reduces wasteful and increase the application uniformity over lubrication. 

All springs and switches can be completely covered by the high penetration formulation, which enables for the rapid improvement or elimination of unfavourable tactile characteristics like actuation delay, recoil, and spring jitter. Improvements to the acoustics include the reduction of scratching issues while preserving the organic sounds produced by mechanical keyboard switches.

When using straight GPL 105 and a brush or dropper bottle, TriboSys KSL produces ultra-thin films of lubricant that are simply impossible to achieve when using plain GPL 105. Put on your gloves and prepare the lubricant for spraying on the gaps between switches. 

Step 2: Press The Stem Switch

Step 3: Apply Lubricant Into The Switch Gap While The Stem Switch is Being Pressed.

When the stem switch is pushed inward, a small gaping in the switch housing will appear. Spray the lubricant in this small gaping, a small amount of the lubricant spray will be enough because such lubricants flow quickly. After that press the switch repeatedly to make it sure that all the parts of the switch have been exposed to the lubricants. To determine whether keyboard switches receive lubricant or not, press them 3-5 times, it will feel soft, easy to press, and reduced noise. 

Step 2: Press The Stem Switch

Repeat all the steps above to lubricate all of your mechanical keyboard switches. Lubricating the switch using this brush only takes 20 to 30 minutes and you get quite effective results. 

Step 4: Clean the Switches

After lubricating switches, clean the switches with tissues or wipes to ensures that extra splash on the keyboard is clean and does not grease your hands while playing your favorite game. 

Step 5: Place Keycaps

Once the lubrication process is completed, place all the keycaps back to their place. Make it sure that you place them correctly. 

Lubricating the Switch by Dripping Lubricating Oil

Are you looking for a long term solution for your keys which can keep your switches smooth for almost 6 months to 1 year. Lubrication of switches with the help of dripping oil is somewhat similar to lubing the switches with a spray. However, the following steps must be considered while lubing the switches by dripping oil on them.

Step 1: Open all the keycaps of your mechanical keyboard.

To lubricate the switches, open all the keycaps of your mechanical keyboard. Keycaps can also be open with the help of a professional tool like a keycap puller to avoid any kind of abrasion or damage.

Step 2: Use tweezers to open the gap between the stem switch.

Hold the tweezer in one hand and open the gap between the stem switch with the other hand.

Step 3: Drop Lubricating oil in the gaps

Keeping your hands constant, drop the lubricating oil in the gaps carefully. Ensure that only 1-2 drops of the lubricant oil are dripped in the gap between the switch. Let the oil flow in the stem. The best lube for keyboard switches available at amazon will help you to get your desired results. 

Step 4: Keep on pressing the stem repeatedly

Keep on pressing the stem repeatedly so that all the oil is absorbed into the stem and all the parts of the stem are completely lubricated with oil. You will be able to understand the difference while pressing it. The stem will make no noise, and will be pressed smoothly, and quickly.

Step 5: Use cotton swabs or cotton buds to clean the excessive oil

Use cotton swabs or cotton buds to clean the excessive oil in the keyboard.  Remember that cleaning the keyboards and the outer area of the switch is necessary because oil can easily trap dust in it.

Selecting the Best Lubricant’s

 In the step by step guide, we have selected two different lubricants, one is spray and the other one is an oil. Both these lubricants are best in their own way and can solve your problem of screeching sounds your mechanical keyboards make when they are not lubricated. In my opinion, we should use product that improves or enhances gaming experience. Using cheap products that does not provide good results and leading to issues within next few months is not a good solution. 


Mechanical Keyboards often requires proper lubrication to ensure that the switch work properly so that they does not make any issues while working. It is recommended that above step by step guide is utilized in the cleaning process so that all the material is present with you while lubricating the switch. Looking after your gadgets will improve your productivity, will enhances your experience, 

There are a couple of different ways to lube your keyboard switches without de soldering, and although it is not as good as the normal lubing process, this can be a good way to improve your keyboard without needing the soldering tools to lube your keyboard the proper way.


Can you get pre lubed switches
Yes, to avoid the complete process of lubing the keyboard switches by yourself, or you dont have enough time or energy then invest in lubing your keyboard switches. There are several online market places, who are selling pre lubed switches. Just make it sure that the sellers are having positive and authentic reviews so that you don’t get scammed.
Can I lube switches without de soldering
Based on my expertise, it is better to perform switch lubing method by de soldering the keycaps. Although it is time taking process, and yet it makes mess too, however, it is the best way to lubricate your keyboard switches.
Should I lube my keyboard switches
Yes, if you have all the required equipment and time you should lube your switches so that you can perform your tasks easily.
How often should I lube my Keyboard Swtiches
People who have lube their switches have observed that on average the lube wears off around 1-2 years. Re application of lube depends significantly on the usage of your keyboards along with the amount of scratchiness your experience on daily bases.
How much time does lubing keyboard switches takes
On average, 3 minutes per switch is consumed while lubing keyboard switches.
Can I use Vaseline or Petroleum jellies to lube keyboard switches
Straight forward answer, NO, because the ingredients present in vaseline and Petroleum jellies degrades the plastic, so there is a high risk that you might end up damaging your switches as well as board. Using the suggested spray in the article above will costs you on average $10 for complete process.

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