The Silent Switches in 2023; Best Silent Switch for your Keyboard

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Do you enjoy typing quickly on your keyboard? If so, this blog post is for you! We have the perfect solution to create your content without making too much noise. Silent Switches Keyboards are designed to produce a quieter typing sound, making it easier to work in an office setting. The Silent Type Keyboard is a great choice for those who are concerned about noise levels in their workspace. It still produces the familiar click sound, but at a much lower volume.

Silent Switches for Keyboard

The silent switches keyboard will reduce background noise while working and help if you suffer from motion sickness. The keys are specially designed to minimize clicking noises.

The switches are also designed to be more tactile and responsive, so you can type faster and more accurately. The keyboard also has adjustable backlighting and an ergonomic design to reduce strain on your wrists and hands.

Silent Switches

Which Keyboard Switch is silent?

Mechanical switches are the standard in gaming keyboards but aren’t the only available option. Like a Gateron KS13 switch, it gives the best typing experience possible, even when using your keyboard on the go.


It’s designed to provide a crisp tactile response for gaming, comfortable in price, use, and stability, yet still provide a comfortable typing experience with Silent Switches.

The Color Of The keyboard Switch Affects on Sound

The keyboard is an excellent addition to color-coding to your computer setup, especially if you have a desk with many moving components. The Cherry MX keyboard gives you added tactile feedback and the ability to type more efficiently. This keyboard uses Cherry MX Red switches which offer the crispest, snappiest feel due to their color-coding system.

Silent keyboard switches for gamers

What Affects On Sound?

To understand why and how these factors affect the noise of a mechanical keyboard switch, check out our Mechanical Keyboard Switch Explainer content below.

Switch Type; Silent Switches

If you prefer the tactile feedback of a clicky keyboard over the loud, audible click of mechanical keyboards, then you’ll enjoy the Logitech G560 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This gaming keyboard uses a linear switch for smooth typing, which is excellent for gamers. The keyboard has adjustable full-size programmable keys and customizable backlighting.

Actuation Force of Silent Switches

45-60g means you can type quietly without applying too much pressure on the keys. The higher the actuation force, the louder the sound when typing. For example, 60g of actuation force means that you must apply more pressure on the keys than a 45g actuation force.

Travel Distance

Travel distance means how far the keypads of the keyboard are. The best mechanical keyboards you’ve ever used now come with the QuietPad keyboard. These ultra-quiet mechanical switches, combined with our QuietPad, give you the fastest, smoothest, and most comfortable typing experience on the market. The distance of their keypads is usually 3.5 to 4.0 mm.

The 5 best Silent Switches in 2022

Cherry MX Speed

The Cherry MX Speed Silver Switch might be the quietest option in the market, which makes it an excellent choice for gaming or working in the middle of the night without annoying the people you live or work with. However, shorter travel distances and lower actuation force may sacrifice feeling and satisfaction, despite improving your performance when playing competitive games that require faster pounding on keys to winning.

Cherry MX Speed; The Silent Switches in 2022

You’ve never seen a silent switches like this. It’s been specially designed for speed, reliability, and smoothness with a Cherry MX Speed profile and a 1.8mm throw. A true masterpiece in speed switches, the MX Speed Silver is the quietest option available for gamers and typing enthusiasts.

Gateron Black

The Gateron Silent Black Switch was designed to produce the lowest noise on any Gateron switch. The Silent Black Switch is a mechanical keyboard switch that provides a soft click sound when pressed. The switch is known for its durability and quiet operation that allows users to enjoy their game or work without distracting others around them.

Gateron  Black Silent switch

Some other Colors available are:

Gateron Silent switchesir?t=sid2210 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B09B4QQR8N

ir?t=sid2210 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B09VD1PJ4WAn excellent option for anyone looking for an alternative to the typical Cherry MX Blue or Brown switches, the Gateron Silent Black is a quality Cherry MX replacement that offers all the benefits of a silent keyboard while still allowing you to type comfortably. It features a smooth actuation and tactile feedback for responsive keys, and no matter what you do, you’ll be able to enjoy the game with its silent switch.

You probably wonder how a tactile keyboard switch made this quietest keyboard switch list. Well, that is because we prefer the tactile feel switches. Although the Matias Quiet Click keyboard switches are tactile key buttons they are still quiet enough to make a list. The Cherry MX Silent Red is better if you want a silent keyboard with long travel.

Matias Quiet Click; The Silent Switches in 2022

These switches are similar to the Cherry MX Blue variant but have different shapes. With a long throw and short travel distance, this option provides a crisp click that is comfortable to type on and doesn’t bother others around you.

Corsair K70 RGB Keyboard

They are popular because they are exceptionally smooth and quiet despite being tactile keyboard silent switches. The shorter travel makes them more silent than most Corsair K70 RGB keyboards.
The new Corsair K70 RGB keyboard allows you to customize your gaming experience to match your style and personal preferences. This beautiful keyboard will not only help you type faster, but it will also help you get better at typing too.

Corsair K70 RGB keyboard

One of the silent switches which Corsair offers is the Corsair K70 with the best Cherry MX Brown key switch. This switch is known for its durability, reliability, and long lifespan. The Cherry MX Brown key switch offers smooth actuation, making it the perfect pick for gamers. There are two variants of the Corsair K70 – one with blue and white lighting. Choose from either variant to get the exact keyboard you want. The spring tension we can adjust them via the screw on top.

Kailh Box Silent Pink

This Kailh Box Silent is a low-profile, quiet, durable, and reliable mechanical silent switch. Kailh BOX Silent Pinks are the Silent Switches for gaming, typing, and custom keyboard enthusiasts because of their unique design. Kailh Box Silent switches are some of the quietest keyboard switches available on the market. It is thick housing with durable components coated with rubber dampers, making them extra soft and fast.

Kailh Box Silent Pink

For gaming, they will make you pound the keys faster to make you a more competent gamer. Because of its excellent performance and affordable price, the Kailh BOX Pink Silent Switches have the best value for the money.


For those of you who are looking for a keyboard that feels solid and sounds great, we have you covered. We created the KORG Keysonic G-10 because we wanted to make the ultimate keyboard. The G-10 delivers the best sound quality and tactile feedback out there.
It produces a beautiful, crisp sound when you type via silent switches and provides a satisfying feeling when you push down the keys. It is one of the best keyboards you can buy, and it’s undoubtedly one of the best you can get under $150.


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